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The maths detective

Otmar Scherzer works between the poles of research and application. This applied mathematician pursues the goal of making things visible that we are unable to detect today, such as certain tumours. For this purpose he works on improving mathematical models for X-ray and ultrasound technologies.

In mathematics, important discoveries are usually the result of spending time thinking about the problem. “You have to already have in your mind the basic idea for a tomograph," says Scherzer. Other known paths to new ideas include travelling and exchanges with other cultures. A Schrödinger Fellowship from the FWF enabled Scherzer to do research in the USA in his younger years: it was to become a “formative experience” for his entire career, as Scherzer explains in the video.


More information

Otmar Scherzer, University of Vienna

FWF Special Research Programme: Tomography Across the Scales

Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics (RICAM)

Schrödinger Fellowship

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